May Update | 2018 Prayer Initiative

For practical update and prayer requests looking ahead to the summer, start at the 10 minute mark.


Lifestyle of Hospitality & Finding People of Peace

  • For people to come to know Jesus and be baptized
  • For each member of The Oaks to create margin & live intentionally to be present in the places of influence God has placed us.
  • For favor from the Spirit to open doors for each one of us with “People of Peace” -people in our city who are not yet enjoying Jesus, but who are open to relationship with us and conversations about Jesus
  • For wisdom to know how to ‘overlap’ our ‘life together’ as the Church & our ‘life on mission’ with people in our community

Pursuit of Holistic, Healthy Diversity

  • For ‘Denverites’ (believers and not) to join our Church to provide balance of cultural understanding & relational networks to our team of transplants
  • For people of color to be called to join our Leadership Team so we can holistically serve the ethnic diversity represented in our neighborhood
  • For wisdom & favor to love & empower the women in our church, both in leadership capacities & overall culture of The Oaks
  • For healthy, holistic wisdom & favor to learn how to enter in to the various socio-economic & generational diversity that exists in our neighborhood & that our church would grow reflecting this

Dependence on the Spirit

  • For moment by moment enjoying & trusting Jesus, follow the Spirit’s leading in everyday life, and a posture of intentional, focused, bold faith & prayer
  • For understanding & boldness to be a Church that is sensitive to and operating in the full gifts of the Spirit with the authority of God’s Word
  • For each of us to have a greater sense of clarity of our God-given purpose, including an understanding & identification of each of our gifts of the Spirit, clarity of each’s specific role to play in making disciples/leadership through The Oaks, and a depth of self-awareness/soul care of how we each have been formed uniquely by God

Continued Favor of Partnerships

  • For continued open doors in the cultural domains that exist in our neighborhoods with neighbors, organizations to love & serve, local government officials, and local businesses/events in SouthEast Denver to be a faithful presence embodying and pursuing the Kingdom of God here
  • For more churches & individuals to be called to partner together with us by investing money, prayer, and relational support to help us advance the mission we’re called to
  • For wisdom as we develop our 2019 budget/strategy in terms of how to leverage our money & time, which partnerships to develop, how much to save/give away, etc.
  • For clarity around our 2-5 year plan. Pray that as we experience gospel growth, that we would prioritize multiplication, not merely addition. If/when The Oaks grows through multiplication of home groups, what is the long-term outcome? Do we pursue a building to gather weekly? If so, where & when? Do we look to buy? If so, what could we use a facility for throughout the week that seeks the holistic flourishing of our city and not just a place for us to “do church”? When & where will we seek to multiply by planting more churches/send to the nations?