The Oaks Community Church is a new start-up church in Denver. We are currently in the infancy of life together as a local church. Below you will find an overview of what it means to be part of our community & a timeline of what we anticipate the next seasons of growth may look like.

Gospel Saturation

The Gospel is good news about who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for weary sinners and our broken world to restore us and all things back to God. We want to saturate our life together and and our life in our city with this good news by becoming gospel-fluentboldly and humbly weaving the better story of Jesus into the fabric of every story we encounter until everyone and every place in our city has a relationship with someone who is enjoying Jesus. 

Missional Communities

We intentionally commit in partnership with one another in intentional relationships to consistently gather together around the Word in small group settings to use our spiritual gifts to help one another worship Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and obey Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. These communities regularly gather together corporately to celebrate God's activity and rehearse the gospel story together to be sent back out to our neighborhoods. 

Servant Leadership



Our team of pastors focus energy on identifyingequipping, and releasing leaders to seek to embody the Kingdom of God by ministry of faithful presence in each unique locationvocation, and recreation and to strive together for restoration in the broken and forgotten places of our city and world.

Our Church longs to be faithful to do our part as we find ourselves caught up in the grand story of the movement of God throughout history as He redeems a people for Himself from every people and place for the praise of the beauty of His grace. We believe God's design for His mission to be accomplished is through the multiplication of churches among every people group of this world. We steward our effortspeople, and finances to seeing healthy churches planted that last locally in the forgotten places of Denver and globally among unreached people groups

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Before we can develop and implement strategies we must take the posture of learner as our initial team relocates to Denver and begins to plant roots in our new city. This first year will be a lot of listening- to God, one another, other churches, and our neighbors as we begin to learn as much as we can about our new context and how the gospel speaks specifically to this particular place. Derick and the initial team will strategically align with The Summit Church in partnership with The Send Network for a one year apprenticeship to learn what life and mission looks like to best engage Denver. During this year we will begin regular training meetings with our initial members who have covenanted with The Oaks to be missionaries to Denver. In these meetings we will focus on vision casting, prayer, and developing one another to be intentional neighbors in our city.


Starting in the summer we will begin to host teams from our partner churches as we begin our bi-weekly Missional Communities hosted in homes of our leaders to share life with one another, become like Jesus, and to invite our neighbors in to our family. We will also begin bi-weekly strategic outreach events in our neighborhoods and begin to develop partnerships with nonprofits in our city as well as our global strategy


We want to remain in a posture of surrender and trust as we listen to what the Spirit is saying and doing in our community. Our prayer is that relationships will be deepening and our missional communities multiplying. Our desire is to see these missional communities gather regularly to celebrate what God is doing in our church and our city. Our goal is to begin having monthly gatherings at the start of the New Year leading up to a more regular rhythm beginning on Easter Sunday. While we have our plans, we trust our Father to give wisdom and clarity around the timing and details of what this should look like.