The Oaks Community Church exists
for the glory of God,
the good of Denver,
and the joy of all nations

We believe the good news about Jesus is an announcement that not only creates, motivates, and sustains life together as a community, but that this good news also has implications for our city and the world. The Oaks does not exist for itself, but rather for the joy of the people in our neighborhoods and ultimately to the ends of the earth. 

Why Cities?

Biblical Example

The pattern of the New Testament of the multiplication of the early church was to engage the large metropolitan regions of the known world, sharing the gospel in various cultural domains and embodying the values of the kingdom of God. As God saved people, churches were formed as they began to live as a community on mission together. Leaders were developed and were multiplied as the Apostles moved on the next urban center.

Unique Gospel Opportunity

We plant churches in the city because that's where the people are- and people need Jesus. Recent studies show ~83% of the world's population now resides in major cities. Cities are also a strategic and unique mission field provided by their density and diversity, meaning there are more people from various ethnicities, socioeconomic background, and cultural backgrounds living together in a concentrated area. If one reaches the city, culture is shaped and the world engaged.

Lack of Gospel Presence

While most major cities are growing in population the witness of Great Commission churches are plateaued or declining. There is a significant need for gospel saturation of communities of followers of Jesus declaring and demonstrating the kingdom of God. Many believers avoid the city because of cost of living and cultural barriers. We believe our God is one who goes and sends to the places of greatest need.

Denver 4.jpg

Why Denver?

Denver is one of the most strategic cities in North America today for gospel advancement and global impact. The beauty and opportunities of this city draw thousands of new residents each year from all over the world with promises of an unmatched quality of life. Yet many find that in spite all Denver has to offer, it is unable to satisfy the deep desires of the soul. Many find themselves lonely and in a tireless pursuit of awe and pleasure. We believe this brokenness is a context where the gospel can shine, as the beauty of Jesus is experienced through a community shaped by the good news.

4.3 Million
People in the Metro Area

90% + 
Population unconnected to a church

1,600 + 
Average People Relocating Each Month

Languages Spoken

Fastest Growing City for Millennials


The Nations

God is at work in every corner of the globe displaying his beauty as he redeems a people for himself from every people group he has created. God is renewing each person to experience what it means to be fully alive as the Spirit puts the broken pieces of souls back together to more vividly image our Creator. God is reconciling a diverse people out of division and has accomplished unity by placing us in one family. God is restoring all things as his kingdom breaks through in showing how all of life flourishes with Jesus as King.


Jesus has graciously and generously invited us to trade our small plans for his as we join him in what he is doing in the world. Jesus' instruction to us is clear- make disciples of all nations. We long to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. One thing is certain: a follower of Jesus multiplies other followers of Jesus who can make other followers of Jesus. Our conviction as The Oaks Community Church is this is not just instruction for disciple-making in general, but a specific command to do so among the nations. Our local efforts of disciple-making and our global focus are not at odds with one another. We believe alignment with God's heart for the nations enriches our love for our local context. We desire to pursue life with God, life on life, life in community, and life on mission that is robustly focused on where God has placed us in Denver and that strategically mobilizes to the end of the earth. We exist, in part, to help equip people to live out their identity as 'sent ones' locally and globally.