Gather With Us



DENVER, CO 80220


We recognize the profound impact our time together on Sundays has in shaping us as a community. Below is a description of what you can expect at one of our weekly gatherings.

Remember & Celebrate

Together we remember
our good & beautiful God,
create space to confess and lament the brokenness in us and around us,
and rehearse the story of Jesus, receive his forgiveness, and rest in his grace
through songs, prayers, and readings.

Consider & Respond

We tangibly submit ourselves to the Scriptures by reading & teaching the Word— a time where the Bible is honestly discussed and applied to our lives.
This culminates in our response with Communion— where those who follow Jesus remember and celebrate the reality of his grace by taking the bread and wine together.

Practice & Be Sent

We believe Sundays are spaces to reorient our hearts to who God is and what he is doing in the world. We spend considerable time in our gatherings becoming aware of & praying for the needs in our city and around the globe & hear specific ways people are practicing the way of Jesus. Our time together ends with a Benediction— where all are sent out to our neighborhoods to love our neighbors as ourselves.